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To prepare for the meeting in Greece the students should investigate one or two social structures about vulnerable social groups in each country. They will present their research when they come to Greece. Each presentation should last up to ten minutes.

Here are some examples of vulnerable social groups so the students can choose what is interesting or convenient for them:

- Unemployed people

- Homeless

- Immigrants

- Refugees

- Disabled persons

- Drug users

- Victims of violence (abused women)

- People who experience poverty



The programme for the meeting in Greece 17-23/3:

The programme for the meeting in Switzerland 20-26/1:

The programme for the meeting in The Netherlands 2-8/10:

Schedule for the meeting in the U.K. 10-16/4:

During the project meeting in Nybro, Sweden 21-27/1, Maria Probona won the logo-challenge with her talented vision of the Erasmus+ spirit. Congratulations!