The Netherlands

Bisschoppelijk College Broekhin is a school in which the welfare of the pupil comes first. Situated in rural Limburg, a province in the south-east of the Netherlands, renowned for its picturesque landscape and friendly people, B.C. Broekhin provides secondary education to pupils over three locations: Roermond, Swalmen and Reuver. In Roermond, our main location, 1750 pupils in the 11-19 age group are educated according to their aptitude. Here we have four educational departments, ranging from pre-vocational education to pre-university Atheneum/Gymnasium /TTO (second language education) level. Apart from offering quality education, one of our highest priorities lies in communicating the norms and values necessary in a modern society.



Our school has many international contacts, each year around 300 pupils take part in international exchanges, study visits or projects.


We believe that values such as self-discipline, compassion and respect for other people’s ideas are all central to the healthy development of children and young adults. The Netherlands is of course a small country. However, it has always been able to adapt to the demands made on it, particularly by a changing Europe.